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Thread: for my fellow grokettes...

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    meg, you have an awesome attitude. i love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by winencandy View Post
    Thank you for this Batty.

    Really. Thank you.

    It has shifted my attitude, my goals and my motivation.

    It has shifted everything.

    you are quite welcome. i'm glad i could help.

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    You're so hot Batty!

    It's true. When I joined the Marines, I was 104 pounds and a size 5. Three years later, I was 130 pounds and still a size 5. When I started primal and got to 153, I was a size 10 with room but when I was 153 on the way up, I was barely squeezing into a size 12. I have lost 23 pounds total but I have actually lost 31 pounds of fat when you look at bodyfat percentage!

    That said, I do have a "goal" weight in mind but it an approximation. I am more interested in hitting certain measurements and having a certain level of toneness. I may get to my goal and find I need to lose more and I may not have to move much at all depending on my body composition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NutMeg View Post
    Oh no! It is very possible that the conversion is correct. I am one of those people that ALWAYS wears a larger size then my weight and height says Ishould. When I was younger it lead me to think I was fat, when I was not. It is because I have a very short torso, so my hip to waist ratio is a disaster. My waist is 32.5 inches at the natural part of my wais, which is at the bottom of my rib cage. I have only about 2 inches between teh top of my hip and my ribs!

    At 128 pounds, coming out of basic training, having gained at least 3 pounds of lean mass, maybe even more because I lost inches so I lost body fat too. I wieghed 125 going it, lost inches and gained muscle to wiegh 128 eight weeks later. I wore a size 11/12 going in and a 9/10 coming out. At 66 inches most people that are 128 pounds or less wear a size 3/4, or maybe a 4/5. Talik about distorting my view of myself. I wore 'fat girl' sizes for a teen, yet weighed less than my friend who wa snot only shorter, but also was not athletic at all. I look back on those pictures and think I was almost TOO skinny! Oh to be that 'fat' again, what a

    Luckily I have come to realize that it is okay to wear those sizes. It is no longer my goal to wear a size 4 jeans, or something crazy like that. My sole goal is to have 20% body fat. I want to be 'athletic' and 20% is the cut off for that. I can manage that. Heck, if I keep my pace of 1% very 30 days or so, I can acheive that by this summer! Go me!!!
    I forgot to mention that I am 175cm too (how tall are you?). I love your attitude, I'm really going to have to develop something like it cos there ain't no way I'll be getting to the 'normal' range of the BMI without getting sick.

    I would love to wear a size 12, which is an 8 in US I believe, but I'm not sure how realistic that really is. I have the shoulder breadth of a swimmer (I used to be one when younger) and that's obviously not going to get any smaller. My main goal really is to lose the belly fat as much as possible, I carried twins to term and they did some serious damage and to just knock off the inch or so of extra padding I have all over.

    In a perfect world, I'd throw the scale in the rubbish, but I'm not there yet.

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    I am 167 cm otherwise known as 66 inches. So you are a bit taller.

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    This thread ~gots~ to be bumped every day! It's too easy for us ladies to obsess over the scale numbers and not the realities of our success. Thx again Batty!

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    Could we retitle this: Required Daily Reading for Happy, Healthy Living ?

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    The scales vs the tape measure:

    I weighed myself at my mom's.
    No change. (Well a 1/2 lb, but I'm not counting that)
    I hate scales.


    My measurements give me hope

    Since September I've lost:
    1" from my ribcage
    1.5" from my waist
    .5" from my stomach
    .5" from my hips
    .25" from my thigh (I can only assume it is the same on the other one )
    No change on my arms

    Another tangible change: The Old Navy size 4 jeans I could NOT do up in April, now fit!
    There is still a small muffin top, but I can wear them

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    My weight does bug me, but only a little. I FEEL like, at my height and frame, I could weigh quite a bit less without being too skinny or underweight. I have a goal size in mind, as well as a goal "look", but I'm really not stressing about either of these.

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    This thread should be stickied. I don't own a scale and never have; I find quantifying things to do with my appearance and eating habits (weighing, counting calories, size-tracking) keeps me from enjoying my body and my food, and leads me down the road to crazy town.

    Don't let that shit get you down. They're just numbers.

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    That's right! Sticky this thread!

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