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Thread: A question about menstruation

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    A question about menstruation

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    This is my first post, sorry to be such an icky topic.

    I started PB eating on Sept 1. I am now having my first menstruation since that time, and it is a really rough one. Mainly the cramps, but I am also feeling especially wiped out. This is unusual, my last few periods were fairly light so maybe my body is just making up for it? Coincidence?

    FWIW, a typical day for me is roughly 1600 cals, 90g carbs, 95g fat and 90g protein (I am 40 y/o, 5' 7" and weigh 184), I know I need to be eating a bit more protein but I tend to gravitate more toward fruit & veggies and dairy. I have not been exercising the past 3-4 weeks, I am dealing with some ongoing fatigue and all the tests my doctor has run have come back normal so he believes it is related to poor sleep.

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    Likely you are still going through a bit of the 'carb flu' ... I have noticed a dramatic (as in life-changing!) reduction in mood alteration and physical pain before/during my period, but it did take a couple of months. I guess I'd been primal 2-3 months when I realized that I didn't have PMS when I was "supposed" to, and my period snuck up on me with no cramps at all - almost had an 'incident' at work . I've been primal for 6 months now and flow is a little lighter than it used to be but not dramatically (I'm 44 and about the same weight as you).

    I think you just need to be patient, sorry LOL

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    I think I would wait at least two more months before being able to draw a conclusion. It just takes too long, and it's too easy for coincidence to step in.
    I'm only one month in and didn't experience any extra tiredness. Maybe a little less pain, but not by much.

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    I started right around the same time as you. My period came a week early, and is very heavy, which is unusual. I've also been fatigued and have been craving carbs at times. Prior to the surprise period, I was feeling great, with more energy. Overall, I've had less anxiety and less depression, and I still feel way better than before I started, so I'm staying primal.

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