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Thread: Lower sex drive on a low-carb diet?

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    I wonder if it doesn't increase or decrease it... but STABILIZES it.

    Teens and slightly malnourished people would naturally have a greater sex-drive, as they have a smaller chance of reproducing and, therefore, need to be almost always "ready". Severely malnourished people or severely unfit people can't afford to waste resources on reproduction. Fit and healthy people (especially those in stable relationships or with regular access to sex) have a more "steady" sex-drive, as they have the resources to reproduce, but not the urgency.

    Basically: if you think about sex all day, you're over-active or deprived (or ovulating, in women's cases); if you can't stand the thought more than once every few months, you're unwell; if you want sex once or twice a day, in the mornings and evenings, then you're probably healthy (discounting individual variability).
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    Thanks for the reply. Maybe I was slightly malnourished before. Okay, maybe it's more an issue of too busy cooking good healthy food to have energy for sex. My body looks much sexier, but now I don't have time. Lol, you can't win.

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