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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I might give the curry a go next time, good weather for it
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    I had some Kangaroo , Emu and crocodile in a Australian restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany years ago. It is true that crocodile tastes like chicken.

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    Any beef marinade works well with kangaroo, and cooked on the bbq it's delicious

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    How about using the same recipes as for rabbits? Kangaroos are just great big bunny rabbits, right?

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    I've curried a steak, and it was good. Sausages are great. It also makes great jerky, I used some roo steak last week to make jerky and it was FULL of flavor. You have to be very careful cooking it though as it gets tough very easy, so slow cooking or searing and then slow cooking work best. I always marinade as well to make sure it's tender. In a marinade always use some oil, and vinegar or baking soda to break it down.

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