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Thread: Cooking Bugs Bunny

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    Cooking Bugs Bunny

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    Coles has free range rabbit on the shelf at the moment. Whats the best way to cook them with only a stove top?

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    Rabbit's always good in a stew. I don't have any particular recipes, but you'll be able to find a lot on Google.

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    Google "stifado" - a classic greek recipe

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    realize that rabbit is incredibly lean

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    As above - it's lean.

    I assume it's all trimmed up and ready to go?

    I'm in an autumnal phase at the moment, so I'd do something along the lines of....

    Joint Bugs Bunny if he's not already in pieces. Usually get two nice plump back legs, two smaller front legs, and the saddle. The ribcage is fiddly and usually goes for stock.
    Heat some fat, and brown the pieces all over, as best you can. Put to one side. In the same fat, slowly sweat and caramelise chopped onion (+ garlic? Butter or ghee is vital to caramelise properly). When they're nice and gooey, maybe throw in some chopped mushroom. Bacon bits always good too. Finally pop your browned bunny bits back in, add liquid to almost cover - chicken stock, or white wine, or maybe red wine (I'm not personally keen on red), ooooo or cider!! Add some herbs - a bouquet garni, or just sage and thyme?
    Cider, sage, thyme is appealing to me right now

    Bubble gently until you can't stand the smell any more the sauce should slowly reduce down to a nice gooey one - this depends on your onions and fat to start with.

    Om nom nom

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