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Thread: I'm Taking My Life Back – Day 15 - Mindfulnes

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    Day 15 – The Results

    I’m now up to 15 minutes on the Gazelle

    Or 40 minutes of walking

    Day 1 - Augsut 3, 2009 - Weight: 358# - Blood Pressure: 110/78

    Day 7 - August 10, 2009 - Weight: 348# - Blood Pressure: 100/60

    Day 15 - August 18, 2009 – Weight: 337# - Blood Pressure 122/78

    11 more pounds and (WTH!!) is with that Blood Pressure!!

    Mindfulness : Bearing in mind, aware, inclined to be aware and heedful

    Wow. Look a that blood pressure. Getting an iced coffee before the doctor's appointment really sounded good. I wasn't thinking, not being mindful of my actions. It just reminded me of how small actions can have major results; the Doctor wants me to come in fasting for my next weigh in. I don't mind, it will give me a more accurate baseline.

    I have added some small meals to my diet: (I often feel nauseous when I take my med's, with the juice it's worse.)

    - red bell peppers or celery

    - salad w/dressing (apple cider vinegar, hemp seed oil, lemon juice, garlic powder, italian seasoning, chili powder, tabasco)

    Overall my mood, my confidence and energy levels are up. I surprised myself walking on Friday (August 14) by walking for nearly 50 minutes, doing it again on Monday.

    The CSTGX and Flowfit are getting easier. The breathing exercises are getting better, and I will be starting pulmonary rehab soon!

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    Somehow this part did not post

    Circular Strenght Training (CST) is the core of my workouts. I discovered RMAX while doing research on “period” physical training methods for western martial arts/SCA. I was totally blown away, it was everything I was looking for.

    My RMAX collection -

    Be Breathed


    Intu-Flow Quick Start Package


    Clubbell Training for Circular Strength

    Official Kettlebell Foundation

    My next CST purchase will the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution

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    What was your heart rate with that blood pressure?

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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