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    V. Random dessert: Carrot pear peanut pudding

    Just had to share this discovery.

    Microwave grated carrot till soft in dash of water, stir in some honey and add in chopped fruit (pear?) and a spoonful of peanut butter (etc). Microwave again for a min or two, then mash up.

    This creates a hot fruity pudding, using sweet fruit sugars and sweet carrot starches, the peanut gives it a fuller nuttier taste. Probably the sort of filling that would go very well in a crumble or pie or with icecream, but being primal I just scooped it out of the bowl,

    actually could make an interesting sweet breakfast alternative...

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    That sounds good, with a nut butter instead of the peanut butter, and maybe minus the honey for me. I bet some cinnamon would be good, too, and maybe even throw in some coconut oil to add some fat.
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