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Thread: sprints on a treadmill? How to go about it?

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    For football, when we would opt for the treadmill sprints it worked like this... but it only works if you have the side steps/planks on the treadmill

    Do your warmup, then step off to the sides of the treadmill and crank the speed to something you know you can jump onto without falling off. That's it, you leave the treadmill at your "sprint" speed and jump on for your sprint and jump off for your rest.
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    I personally don't like the treadmill for sprints, gives me shin splints. I use the elliptical or now an AMT machine for sprints. It works well and I don't hurt myself. Does the place you exercise at have a gymnasium? If so you can sprint there too, or do pool sprints.

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    Thanks for the great replies!

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    A good one I have been doing recently:
    1.5 min at 4.5 speed
    1 min at 10 speed
    1.5 min at 4.5 speed
    1 min at 8 speed

    Do this 5 times

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    WARNING - this is an advanced exercise and requires a very high exertion level. DO NOT attempt if you are untrained. If sprinting is new, start with 25-50% i.e. speed 50% of normal pace, and only 4 reps. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

    Tabata treadmill hill sprints: 20 seconds work + 10 seconds rest x 8 reps = 4 minutes of awesomeness
    This is an all-out 4 minute bout. 100% effort.
    You should be total exhausted at the end or you not doing it right.

    Warm up

    -turn on treadmill
    -Set treadmill to max incline
    -set speed to 80% of normal running speed
    -wait for the 1 minute mark on the timer

    1:00 hold hand rails and jump on. Work run forest run!
    1:20 hold hand rails and jump off, one foot on each side of tread. Rest
    1:30 Work
    1:50 Rest
    2:00 Work
    2:20 Rest
    2:30 Work
    2:50 Rest
    3:00 Work
    3:20 Rest
    3:30 Work
    2:50 Rest
    3:00 Work
    4:20 Rest
    4:30 Work
    4:50 jump off and lower incline and speed to a comfortable walk
    Jump back on and walk until heart rate recovers to warm up level

    What Are Tabata Sprints? | Mark's Daily Apple
    Tabata Treadmill - YouTube

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    I prefer doing them on the treadmill. 10-20 minute light warm up on the elliptical or treadmill. Then 30-40 second inclined 8mph sprint, 90 second rest, repeat for a total of 6 sprints. Then a light cool down walk. Luv that workout.

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    Something else you can try are push sprints. Get on the treadmill, grab a a hold of the bar in the front and without turning on the machine start running, while making the belt move with your feet. You don't go as fast, so it's lower impact on the joints, and you don't have to worry about keeping up with a program on the machine.

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    I do sprints on a treadmill too. I increase the incline slightly during the sprint intervals in order to compensate for the fact that there will be no air resistance on the treadmill. (Note: You should always have at least a 1% incline when running on treadmills to compensate for lack of air resistance and to avoid shin splints.) So when I sprint I increase the incline to 2%.

    I warm up for about a mile, then sprint at 10 mph or 10.5 mph for 40 seconds. My rest intervals are usually 90 seconds if I walk during those intervals, longer if I jog. It is totally doable although it is annoying to have to manually increase/decrease the speed. Personally, I get a better workout on the treadmill because my only other option is sprinting on the sidewalk. I'm always afraid of tripping and falling when running on the sidewalk so I never go all-out when sprinting on the sidewalk. Plus, there are intersections and on-coming traffic that could disrupt my sprints. (I live in the city, don't have access to a track, and don't have a car so my only option is really the sidewalk.) The treadmill works for me--not ideal but works.

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    Let's be clear here. What you are all describing is high intensity interval training, not sprinting. Since you can't control the speed, you can't be going all out safely. Nothing wrong with HIIT, in fact it's great training, but sprinting is going so all out that at the end, you're all but falling over, which you can't do safely on a treadmill.

    You can do this on an exercise bike or a rower, and Tabata designed his experiment around stationary (or is it stationery?) bikes.

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    Run really fast.
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