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Thread: My Lab Results

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    Hope these help

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    I feel Adrianag is right .With such low TG you should try Iranian Formula for your LDL.Maybe you should also read 'Low carb paleo and LDL is soaring ' post on Paul Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet

    You said
    'I do weights 3-4 times per week, going pretty heavy for low volume. Usually 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. I also walk 3-5 miles almost every day, and I sprint 2-3 times per week.'

    You should checkout BODY BY SCIENCE by Dr Doug Mcguff

    ' I know the Squats and Deads are important, but I had to figure out what was aggravating my piriformis, and it could be one or both of those. Once I have that pain fully under control, I will reintroduce them into my workouts'

    Please try Bill De Simone on youtube T21C 2010 on how the human body isn't designed for heavy squats.

    Good luck

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    It's been almost two years now on being primal. I got my most recent labs back, and below are my previous tests for comparison:

    12/12/11 Results:

    Total Cholesterol: 237 - "Still Bad", but better.
    Triglycerides: 42 - still "good".
    HDL: 94 - higher, which is still "good"
    LDL: 135 - significant drop but still "bad". However, it's right near the border since they want it less than 130.
    Chol/HDLC Ratio: 2.5 - lower and still "good"

    One thing that did come up out of the ordinary was a low platelet count. It should be 140-400 thousand, and mine was 123. My doctor doesn't think there is any significance, but wants to check it in three months. I have no idea why it would be lower.

    Overall, I am very pleased with these results. The one major change I made since October was giving up dairy and potatoes. I still do butter, but no milk, cream or cheese. I still do sweet potatoes/yams and yucca on occasion, but no potatoes. I was giving up dairy for 30 days, but I think I am going to stay off it. Regardless of any effect it may or may not have on my lab results, I feel much better not consuming dairy. Better sleep, better skin, etc. I replaced dairy with coconut milk and cream, which are now a regular part of my diet. One other change, which may have had an effect is that I consume fewer eggs. For the past year or so, I was eating about 4-6 eggs per day. Now I have leftovers for my first meal each day, and only have eggs a few times per week.

    April 2011:

    Total Cholesterol: 260 - "Still Bad", and much worse since August 2010.
    Triglycerides: 38 - down a little and still "good".
    HDL: 82 - much higher, which is still "good"
    LDL: 170 - Even higher, and still "bad"
    Chol/HDLC Ratio: 3.2 - lower and still "good"

    Here are my results from end of August 2010, almost 6 months into PB:

    Total Cholesterol: 228 - "Still Bad", but not really changed much since April.
    Triglycerides: 46 - relatively unchanged and still "good".
    HDL: 61 - a little lower, but still "good"
    LDL: 158 - Even higher, and "bad"
    Chol/HDLC Ratio: 3.7 - "good"

    This is from April 2010, about 6 weeks into Primal Blueprint:

    Total Cholesterol: 217 "Now Bad"
    Triglycerides: 47
    HDL: 65
    LDL: 143 "Now Bad"
    Chol/HDLC Ratio: 3

    My readings from pre-primal in July 2009 which were pretty consistent on my CW diet:

    Total Cholesterol: 145
    Triglycerides: 45
    HDL: 59
    LDL: 77
    Chol/HDLC Ratio: 2.5

    All of these are well within the "good" ranges.

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    I just want to throw in my 2 cents, here are some FACTS:

    Total cholesterol of 240 used to be NORMAL not too long ago before pharmaceutical establishments decided to lower the standards to get more people on drugs.
    LDL (fluffy) bind and inactivate dangerous bacterial toxins. The more you have, the better.
    LDL (fluffy) above 160mg/l result in a high immunity to infections.
    LDL reading goes up when you currently are under attack by parasitic, fungal or bacterial invaders (microorganism).
    Liver produces cholesterol that's converted into bile for healthy digestion and absorbtion of fats and fat-soluble vitamins such as A,D,E and K, extremely important for bone health.
    In Winter season the cholesterol goes up.
    In Summer season the cholesterol goes down.
    LDL is a shuttle that carries cholesterol to 'wounds', such as dental treatments or a scratch.
    HDL also comes in different forms, small,dense HDL is risky and not protective.
    Small LDL are the BIG contributors to plague build-up, NOT the fluffy kind, which are needed for immunity, healing and digestion.
    High amount of LDL (fluffy) protect the mitochondria.
    If your total cholesterol drops to 150 or less you enter a state of high risk of cancer and early death.
    LDL (small,dense) with oxidized particles are extremely BAD.
    High LDL with healthy particles are extremely GOOD. (fluffy)
    High LDL (bad kind) indicate high chronic oxidative stress. (take anti-oxidants)
    High LDL (bad kind) indicate liver imbalance. (have liver tests done)
    Individuals with Triglycerides smaller/lower than 70 do NOT have small,dense LDL, so no need to worry.
    Individuals with 70-140 TG need a test done to differ between pattern A and B.
    Statins do NOT work on LDL particle size !!!!!
    HDL is nothing more than LDL coming back to the liver when the body is through with it. (also break-down of old plague, which is good, but also bad because those are small dense HDL)
    LDL transports cholesterol from liver to tissue. Lighter, billowy LDL are benign = hormone production, repair tissue, fighting invaders (which happens 24/7, all the time, every second of the day)
    Small,dense LDL is dangerous = inflammation.

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    Thanks for the info. I won't go on statins, and my doctor knows that. I just thought I would keep a running history of my tests since some find it interesting.

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    Hey, my numbers are almost the same as yours and it makes me happy! Higher cholesterol is linked to longer life. Remember that it's the damage to your arteries that is most likely the cause of plaque buildup, not the cholesterol that repairs the damage. My HDL has been right at about 90 the last two tests, LDL calculated around 150 which means nothing because my trigs are low so the mathematical formula doesn't work. Remember they don't actually test for LDL, they just use math to fabricate an imaginary number, so it's meaningless. My total cholesterol creeps higher and higher, but unless it breaks 300 I'm not worried. With HDL at 90, I'm essentially invincible.
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    Thanks for the update john !!

    Perfect timing. I just found this thread last night and just finished reading it and .. poof... there was your update. I'm on Day 2 of Primal/Paleo and had my annual physical Friday ... the day before I started this. I will get my blood tests next week. Then I'll go back in 6 months and get them re-done. This discussion has been very informative. Thanks to everyone !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by captaineight View Post
    Agree with choppedliver.

    Don't make the mistake that paleolithic is synonymous with some kind of low-carb-Taubes-Atkins-quackery that seems to have hijacked this place. It's not. It's about eating healthy, organic, natural foods.
    captaineight - could you elaborate on that for this newbie please?

    I know that Primal/Paleo is low carb in that it eliminates grains and legumes.
    I have heard that Atkins is low carb.

    What are the differences in philosophy?

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    Another question...

    cillakat posted these equations earlier in the thread. Where do these formulas come from? Who says this is true?

    Just a newbie trying to learn.. TIA

    Originally Posted by cillakat

    Just figure out the ratios here:
    Total/HDL ____ (optimal is ≤3...average is 4.5)
    HDL/Total ____ (optimal ≥ .24, under .24 is low, less than .1 is high risk)
    Trig/HDL ____ (optimal is ≤2)
    LDL/HDL ____ (optimal is ≤ 4.3)
    HDL/LDL ____ (optimal is ≥ .4)

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    Susan, not sure where she got that data for the ratios, but she does research her stuff pretty well. I am not sure if she comes on the forums anymore or not.

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    Learn More
    thanks John !!

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