The Questions: Not many nagging questions. I started on the Paleo Diet and hope to get the Paleo Solution and Blueprint from the library soon.

Your location: Madison, WI

Age (If you want): 34

How Primal are you: I am strict sometimes too strict which makes me cheat way too often

Do you consume dairy: very little cheese in eggs and such

Do you drink coffee or tea: down from 5 to 10 cups of coffee to one, now consume 3 to 5 cups of tea (green and earl grey)

Motivator for switching to Primal: Metobolic Syndrome X, diagnosed in 2001 5 years of research to get off a stupid pill.

Favorite exercise: lifting heavy things

Favorite Primal food: Chicken

Best part about being Primal: ENERGY

Worst part about being Primal: Pasta