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Thread: Abdominal separation from pregnancy

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    Abdominal separation from pregnancy

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    I'm after some advice regarding abdominal muscle separation during pregnancy. It's been a year and I can still feel a big area around my naval that's separated. While I can feel my stomach muscle tone improving with the PB workouts, I haven't noticed any improvements with the separation.

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    The separation will not improve with just abdominal strengthening, it can actually make it worse. You need to do strengthening while holding the muscles together.

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    Planks are a good one to start off with. Definitely no crunches or situps.

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    My entire abdominal wall has separated (I have a huge cone running down the length of my stomach when I do a sit up) and from all the reading I have done, the only thing that will help is surgery. I believe that it may be covered by insurance because it can cause back issues down the line. Once I have lost weight and know I am not going to have any more kids I will schedule a consult with a surgeon.

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    pretty much everyone I know that's had this has required surgery.

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    I would definitely recommend seeing a physical therapist (perhaps even one that specializes in pelvic floor issues since they see women with muscular problems due to pregnancy all the time AND the pelvic floor muscles are so closely related to the abs that there is some overlap) before seeing a gyno or OB or surgeon. Those would definitely recommend surgery, but a physical therapist might know of other options. And yes, ab exercises can actually make that worse. Definitely worth seeing an expert on this one.

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    check w your doc, but my experience after having twins was that none of the 'special' exercises (yup, even bought the book) did anything. I could do 200 crunches but as soon as I relaxed, the muscles separated because they simply weren't connected in the middle anymore - no amount of strengthening is going to re-connect them! I got the surgery when the twins were 15 months old... it was a long healing process but worth it to not feel like my guts were falling out

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    Wow, thanks everyone! I really appreciate all your advice.

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