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Thread: What's the furthest you've hiked in VFFs?

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    The longest I have ever gone is about 4 miles of steep, rocky hiking. My feet hurt so bad near the end that I wanted to be carried and barley made it to he car. My feet were fine walking around the next day and I have never gotten a blister wearing them but I think the rocks and rough gravel was what made it unbearable. I really want to be able to backpack in them but if, after having them for almost a year now, I can only do 4 miles than that must mean either A) I am a wimp (I haven't built enough tolerance/strength) or B) the VFF's I have don't fit me right. I think the problem might be related to both A and B. After starting yoga, my feet feel wider.

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    Once I've got my recent VFF-triggered heel pain resolved, I'm going to steadily build up to being able to walk 12 miles in them--about the pace of walking across England in 15 days. Should be able to do that nice and slowly since it's years till I'll do the actual coast to coast.

    Does sound like on a multi-day hike, it would be worth having a spare pair of regular hiking boots just in case feet get sore. Luckily, there's a sherpa van service that drives baggage from one overnight accommodation to the next (no, I'll NEVER be primal enough to hike and then sleep in a tent )

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    It's well worn route, and it goes through some fantastic places. But I would definently get upping the mileage for this hike. Even if you 'cheat' and sherpa van your pack you'll still need a day pack, plus you are getting up day after day. I would recommend the Flow Trek model, the north of England is a wet place, and these are the best I have found for hiking over here in the UK. Plus they have a slightly thicker insole, that combined with neoprene helping keep your feet warmer and the trek sole imo make them the best suited for our wilder places.

    I've hiked in excess of 20 miles in mine, but it does take time to build up to be a barefoot hiker.
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    Three miles in wet and dry weather - pavement and trail. No discomfort experienced. I can't wear them with the mountain bike though; raised-edge pedals are too bumpy and I don't want to risk my toes getting caught.
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