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Thread: Job that is As Primal as Possible

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    Job that is As Primal as Possible

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    Well, it is time for me to jump back into the workforce.

    I am a 22 year old male who has a basic associates degree plus about 21 other credits beyond that degree. I have experience in customer service as I worked at a Coffee/Bagel Shop (never will again!!) for 3 years with my last year being an assistant manager.

    I then sold Wii's and American Eagle clothes on eBay. Sales were great until I got shot down by AE... I have experience in Customer Service.

    My question for you is this: What jobs do you know of that are as primal as possible that I could submit my resume too?

    I live in Grand Rapids, MI but wish to relocate somewhere warm. Cali, Florida, Hawaii, etc. is calling my name! But I will move almost anywhere else too - Chicago, South Carolina, New York, etc.

    Tell me your ideas!! I was thinking working at Whole Foods would be quite ideal...
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    i've been thinking a lot lately that i'd like to become an american sherpa if possible. a lot of people come to NH for the summer, and i could probably make a little money as a mountain guide/backpack carrier...but that's completely seasonal.

    i think there are a lot of jobs that could become primal...farmer, chef, counselor (outdoor rec, like outward bound). a lot of it will have to do with what you bring to the job. just try to stay out of an office. i hate my office.

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    I don't know if this is quite what you're looking for, but I would look into "WWOOF"--it's a site that hooks up interested people with Organic farmers all over the world (Hawaaii, Florida, Spain, France, etc.) with people who want to work on their farm. You can browse through the farms and see everything from small family farms to large organic farms, and each farmer has a unique offer to the volunteer who wants to work with them, but they all include lodging and most include meals. The larger farms sometimes require a minimum of several months while others only a couple weeks. Anyway, it might be cool to work with an organic farm for several months in a state you're interested in (like Hawaii or Florida) and see if that experience opens up a job with an organic farm, or it could at leasy allow you to live in the area and job hunt while lodging and food isn't a concern!

    Edit: After I mentioned this I went to the website and looked up some farms in Hawaii. One on the main Island wants someone to do manual labor (weeding, pulling vines of coffee plants, hoeing, etc) for 25 hours a week in exchange for room and board. Um, does it get much sweeter than that?
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    This is a great site to checkout - it lists seasonal active jobs from all over the country. Many of them also provide boarding.
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    ski/board instructor;

    loadsa babes
    loads of sunshine
    hours of fresh air
    heavy lifting (other people's equipment plus your own)
    sprinting (outwith your teaching hours (slow movements) you can spend an hour at lunchtime BATTERING the pistes. You get a rest when you get on a chairlift.

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    Fitness instructor, get people moving and in shape!

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    a friend of mine lives in Hawaii and has a job tracking alien and invasive species... he hikes jungles and climbs volcanoes all day. If that's not a primal job I don't know what is!

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    Warehouse work? Maybe not great paying, but the physical demands sure are primal. Plenty of lifting and carrying.

    +1 for a job moving bacon all day!

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    I'd be careful about classifying manual labour as primal. Sure, you may be getting your exercise, but the motions are repetitive and the work tends to be dull, which prevents you from being mentally engaged in what you do, and such work is very rarely rewarding in more than a material way.

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    if i was to do something different, more primal, it would be to go be a live in volunteer at the local organic farm called the World Hunger Relief farm. You basically just live on the farm, they provide room and board, and you provide the labor. Also gives you some free time on days you aren't in rotation, but seems like a really legit way to spend a year not running the rat race.

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