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Thread: Job that is As Primal as Possible

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    Also, don't knock the office job too much. If the work is interesting the time spent can be enjoyable and not too stressful. With some kinds of jobs you have considerable autonomy, don't have to punch a clock, get benefits that include gym memberships, can take your lunch when you want and sometimes even be paid for a full day's worth of work even though you put in only a few hours.
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    I work in an office, however the hours are flexible...I make my own hours. I don't have to get up at a certain time, eat or break at a certain time. Go home when I wish. Work from home when I wish. Take as many or as little breaks or bathroom breaks as I want.

    Office jobs get knocked a lot because they get a rep for "be there at 8am, 10 minute break at 10, 1 hour lunch break at 12, 10 minute break at 3, off at 5" and you gotta somehow fit your natural body functions around that (eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom).

    The right job at the right place allows for work-life balance, no matter what it is you're doing.
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