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Thread: The Perfect Health Diet

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    This book probably best resembles my personal menu at the moment.

    Judging from their website Q&A the authors are careful not to make a recommendation until they have multiple pieces of evidence supporting it. They also choose very apt and practical wording to categorize food. I much prefer "x pounds of meat" to "x grams of protein per kg lean mass" etc.

    My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list

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    Hello friends! I have been writing long status reports on my facebook page, much of which centers around stuff I get from PHD. I wanted to get opinions on my posts before I post them so people smarter can me can tell me when I am wrong about something. If you could take a moment to read this post and critique it I would very much appreciate it. As a disclaimer I am a Strength and Conditioning coach and talk to my fb friends about food free of charge since many athletes do not eat well and I advocate a paleo/primal platform. Here is the post which is mostly about whether or not a person became insulin resistant as a child or an adult which I believe is the main reason they all got fat.

    I believe there are 2 types of overweight people. Some people were overweight pre-puberty and others became overweight post-puberty. The definition of overweight is a relative thing but I consider it a person who is 10% or more above a healthy bodyfat percentage. I don't know my weight from childhood but as a teenager I weighed 160 lbs. After getting serious about dieting for fat-loss in my teens I found myself in the low 140's as I entered college. I fought my ever-growing appetite for sugars my entire life following the prescribed lowfat diet approach. This just made matters worse, my cravings for sugar became insatiable. By the time I reached my mid 30's I was close to 190 lbs (and pre-diabetic) and that is definitely considered very overweight, almost 50 lbs over my lowest weight in college. I was lean before puberty and gained my weight post-puberty. So I became sensitive to carbohydrates because of my lifestyle and now need to keep my carb intake to about 20-25% in order to stay lean (and avoid diabetic sickness, a different but related issue)

    I believe people who were overweight pre-puberty were born carbohydrate-sensitive. It seemed to me that the overweight kids I knew growing up were eating the same refined garbage in the same amounts as the skinny kids. We would go to the pizza place and we all pretty much got the same thing, a couple of slices, a soda and a candy bar. The overweight kids were not often known for their appetite as much as they were known for simply being fat. They were born sensitive to carbs, ate the same as their peers, and gained weight. These people have the toughest battle with their weight because they were told to eat lowfat if they wanted to lose bodyfat. By following the lowfat diet they only made their problem worse, their sugar cravings became insurmountable. For these folks a lowish carb diet is the answer to fat-loss. I say 'lowish' carbs because I do not think anybody should go below 20-25% carbs in order to have optimum strength and health. I am not a low carb-advocate, just lower than what most people think is normal. Considering how overweight the general population is I am sure that the standard recommended carb intake for weight-loss is a little too high to maintain lifetime leanness.

    I believe the people who became overweight post-puberty developed carbohydrate sensitivity from over-indulging in sugars over the course of a long period of time. This is what creates the skinny-fat person who, given enough time and over indulgence, becomes a straight-up fat person. So these folks were lucky to be able to eat whatever they wanted as kids, often more than their overweight peers, and not gain bodyfat. ("he keeps eating and eating, I do not know where he puts it!")This was a blessing as a young person but over time their body slowly became just as insulin resistant as the carbohydrate-sensitive pre-pubescent child. I only need to look at my facebook friends that I went to high school with to believe this to be a fact. The kids who were skinny are now, for the most part, overweight. The only people who seem to be lean at my age are those who chose fitness as a profession. For these folks the same diet is necessary to lose bodyfat, namely a 20-25% carbohydrate diet.

    There is a 3rd category of human, the kind that was never overweight in their life, either as kids or adults. These people tend to have less of an addictive personality and almost never overeat. These people have no idea the battle that the rest of us endured to lose weight. They will tell you that they do fine on a diet of whole-grain breads, oatmeals and fruit. These foods are great for your health they will tell you, only seeing their own personal experience. These people have no idea the struggle overweight people go through. They think that overweight people are undisciplined and weak. If they did not study modern nutritional science they only know their own experience. I am here to tell you that these folks do not know what they are talking about. Once you started following the lowfat diet you put yourself in a situation where even you believed it was lack of discipline that caused these insatiable sugar cravings. It has nothing to do with your personal discipline and everything to do with the failings of the lowfat diet, which ultimately is an unnatural diet. You crave sugars because you restricted fat, our natural energy source, and the body needs to get energy somewhere. The body will chose the most readily available source of fuel, sugar, always sugar. Once you get off this horrible, unnatural way of eating your appetite will do a 100% reversal. You will start craving fats instead of sugars and as unbelievable as this sounds, for most people, the more natural fats you eat the leaner you will be.

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