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Thread: The Perfect Health Diet page 30

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPA View Post
    Life is short,
    Is it ever. Such a balancing act: figuring out the short term pleasure of some hedonistic indulgence and associated risk v. long term health.

    Thankfully, primal/paleo food really is good so the deprivation isn't too extreme but I really do hear what you're saying about specific indulgences.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NourishedEm View Post
    Mamagrok and Horsewoman, do either of you supplement with chromium? I've heard great things about its success in controlling blood sugar issues and cravings. It is also one of the supplements recommended by the Jaminets. Fortunately carb-cravings have never been an issue for me, I can eat pork rinds and liver pate till it comes out of my ears, but cakes, cookies, etc, I never give a second thought.
    Yep, it's one of the supplements recommended in the Mood Cure.
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    I'm currently half way through with the book, and my objective is to combine this diet with LeanGains... if at all possible... I have to dig in a bit with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthFriendly View Post
    Not noticing any radical differences between VLC and adding in some rice starch, and some sweet potato. Not cravey, no reigintion of my fat loss.

    Haven't followed the PHD supplement recommendations yet. Very busy. Maybe I'll give VLC another whack in a few weeks or so, or maybe not. Very busy.
    I feel the same. I am about 2/3 through the book and whether I am low carb or moderate I don't really feel any negatives. I never had a weight problem or blood sugar issue even when I was on a CW diet. I also agree with their stance on white rice, I have eaten it all my life and never had a problem but if I eat bread/whole grains/or brown rice my digestion tends to suffer.
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    People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.

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    After reading this whole thread last night and this morning I have a question about how the book is written. Is it real scientific? I`m considering getting it but I don`t absorb real scientific stuff has to be broken down into Patty lingo lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by pattyd View Post
    After reading this whole thread last night and this morning I have a question about how the book is written. Is it real scientific?
    The book is written at a high-school science level. It's great to find a paleo diet book that was written for adults! It's the only one I've found.



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    Digging up an old thread to let everyone know it is available for the Kindle as of yesterday.

    The link from the book page isn't working yet, so it still looks like it's only available in paperback, but if you search "Perfect Health Diet" in the Kindle section, it's there, and it's only $9.99 USD.

    Duh, I could just post a link to the Kindle version, I guess...
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    Loved the book! It's a radical way of eating (high fat) yet fits well with our typical food habits. (have some potatoes) But thankfully, no wheat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty5767 View Post
    Is that the guy who thinks that all chronic disease is due to viral infection?

    No not all diseases, but he thinks that various infections play a significant role in many diseases, especially as people age. He says that most diseases are due to food toxins, nutrient deficiencies, infections, damaging and inflammatory foods (possibly filed loosely under food toxins), and I'm pretty sure he agrees with various lifestyle factors, but it's just a diet book so those aren't mentioned.
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    After reading reviews on amazon I really don't see anything new compared to whats on here. Balance your 03/06 ratio, potatoes and white rice are safe, IFing is good, etc.

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