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Thread: Upcoming presentations on Paleo Diet

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    Hope Cordain re-reads a bit and re-evaluates the importance he places on Conventional Wisdom's cholesterol junk science. Maybe then he'd quit suggesting to eat very little saturated animal fat. Lean meats? puuuuhleeeeze, like Grok would have sliced off the fat and discarded it from a fresh kill. More likely Grok would leave the lean to the dogs/birds/scavengers while gorging on the sat. fat rich marrow, brain, organs and fatty deposits.

    A major sticking point with Cordain for me. Anyone know if he's evolved on this front?

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    Well, his reasoning is pretty good, although I have trouble with the end results, too.

    He and his minions have done lots of analysis of game animals over the course of a year to see how the fat ratios change as they come out of winter and prepare for the next one.

    "We" often forget that animal fat isn't as saturated as we often think. Lard has almost as much monounsaturated fat and saturated.

    I have more trouble with him advising using canola oil along with lean meats to raise the Omega 3.

    You know, even Einstein was wrong about a few things. Some he recognized during his life and in the best scientific manner, said so. Others, not until after his death.

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