Hi all,

I have a question about nutrition for a 12 year old competitive swimmer. We started the primal diet 3 weeks ago and it has been a big change for all of us. It is going well but my son is losing energy during his workouts. He swims five to six days a week, 5000 to 6000 meters per day. He also does dryland workouts 3 days a week. He is 5'10" and 155 pounds. He was eating about 4000 calories a day but now he has dropped to about 2500 to 3000 per day on our new diet. He is just not that hungry after our meals. He also has pretty much quit snacking, just not hungry (or maybe it is the lack of flour and sugar snacks in the house!).

My question is should I increase his carbs to closer 30 percent or higher? What would be the best way to provide him with the extra carbs, more fruit, dairy, sweet potatoes?

Sorry for the long post. Coaches are no help. They want him eating power bars, bagels and gatorade.

Thanks ahead for any help!