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Thread: PB&J...? Uh...Primal Blueprint and Jelly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Golf View Post

    My quandry is a primal "bread" that would go with it. Any recipes or links?
    the pancakes from TPB cookbook. Made half with coconut flour, half almond meal.

    Cook low and slow to avoid burning outside and gooey insides. When done right, they're phenominal!

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    Pancake sandwiches- yum! I like the almond flour ones, but the coconut flour ones I have tried have not been good. Haven't tried half and half. I make a coco flour banana bread and made some pb and J sandwiches w/ it for my son when he went to camp.

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    Any of the breads from Elana's cookbook - sub with half coconut flour instead of all almond and avoid the grapeseed oil and agave she uses. The breads come out well and are grain free.

    Since they are full of almond butter though, you might not want to spread on more almond butter to replicate peanut butter , but a primal jelly- take out a package of organic frozen berries, thaw it and blend with some pitted dates. It's thick and spreadable like jam. There's your primal jam.

    Elana's bread recipes
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