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Thread: Primal living Kids Style

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    Primal living Kids Style

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    Hi everyone,

    I have this college who told me her daughter (12years) is allergic to gluten and also a bit overweight. So she was asking me if I had any ideas as to what she could do to help and I started rambling about Primal diet as I always do. I guess when your a kid and allergic to gluten it would be less difficult to get used to this type of living, but it also suck when all your friends bring sandwiches, leftover pizza etc to school and you can't have that. I should mention that living in Denmark pretty much everyone brings their own lunch since most schools don't have lunch options other than milk.

    So I really want to help if I can but I could use some inspiration as to what to suggest as lunch options. I have told her to use Cauliflower instead of rice and mashed potatoes, and zucchini instead of pasta when they eat their normal dinner, that would probably help a bit. Also I really like pizza made on eggplant slices instead of normal crust.

    I hope you have some great ideas that I can bring along to work on monday.


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    Personally, I find it most satisfying to eat foods that are primal by nature, rather than trying to construct primal versions of non-primal foods, like pasta or pizza.

    There are a lot of ideas for kids' lunches on this forum. Things like:

    - Deli meat wrapped around cheese or avocado slices
    - Container of olives to eat with a toothpick
    - Primal trail mix
    - Cold chicken drumsticks
    - Greek yogurt with primal granola (no grain, obviously) and berries

    Etc, etc.
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    Well I myself am gluten free for about 4 years now and about a year ago discovered that my kids do WAY better gluten free. My son has ADD/ADHD/Aspergers type symptoms and we have (other than a short stint) treated it naturally by eliminating artificial anything and then later gluten and sometimes casein (that is HARD!). My daughter is more like me and has celiac symptoms when eating gluten.

    The best way to deal with this is to teach them to be proud of being different and healthy! My daughter takes pride in her 'weird' lunches, lots of ethnic food that fit primal work and using a thermos for soups and stews are great solutions. Meat/cheese/pickle (or pepperoni ect.) are great as are salads with meats. Also olives with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes is another great meal. If you can get the 12 year old to eat it then portabello pizzas are awesome, just brush the smooth side with olive oil, remove the stem and fill with pizza toppings. Place on broiler pan and bake in 400 degree oven til hot, bubbly and the cheese is slightly browned. YUM!

    Natural pepperoni with cut up veggies is good to, meatballs or any dinner that you have made that is good not hot. Experiment with what can be put in a thermos and see if they have a way to heat things up at school. Meat, veggies and cheese with some fruit make a great lunch. Also smoked fish with cream cheese and scooped up with veggie (peppers or celery). Also you could make eggsalad, tuna fish or whatever like that and put it in lettuce wraps, the first year of gluten free all my sandwiches were lettuce wraps. For burgers you need it as you would normally eat it but no bun and of course a fork and knife.

    Hope that helps!!! Echo

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    There is a great website, of course it is NOT primal, but you can find some great recipes that ARE primal there. Including one for a cauliflower pizza crust- frankenfood? Yes, but we are talking a 12 yo here and they should be able to be kid too.

    Here is the GF site:

    here is the pizza crust:

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