I'm in Northern NJ and amazingly, I can't find shit on craigslist for either NJ or NYC, nobody's selling a vest of at least 60lbs adjustable weight.

All sports stores I've visited seem to carry up to 40 and those go for around $110-130

I found this one ebay, with shipping it comes out to around ~125: http://cgi.ebay.com/ZFO-70LBS-Adjust...item4a9b03f094

But that's 70lbs adjustable.

Is anybody familiar with this brand? If I had weight plates I'd make some sort of DIY weight belt but I don't... I can't yet do 70lbs added weight but it's a good number to work up to.

Any other sources for cheap but durable vests? I'm really looking to get the most bang for my buck, so far this is the best deal, I tried www.weightvest.com and their prices are way too high. If anybody in tri-state is selling one of at least 60 for UNDER 120 I'd consider that too.