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Thread: I have taken ze challenge

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    I have taken ze challenge

    Every girl loves being called a big girl, and that's what I am. Also described as corn fed, I've got some huge *** muscles surrounded by a layer of fat. I was trying to convince myself to just get over it and find me a chubby chaser when I fumbled upon this diamond in the rough.

    I must tell you about the day before I took this challenge. Of course I decided that a trip to my friendly neighborhood Spooners for some awesomely delicious frozen yogurt was in order. I grabbed my tasty treat, poured on the sugar shocking toppings, and sat in my car to chow down. As I was sucking down the insulin spiker Mariah Carey's song, "Always be my baby" came on, and, I am not kidding you I cried. The tears streamed down cuz you know what? That fro yo will always be a part of me. My love affair with sugar is long and torrid and a huge part of my history, and like any break up it is hard.

    Fortunately I have not yet rebounded, and today is my second day on the challenge, and the second day I have not eaten sugar guess is 6 years.As my dad says I don't have a sweet tooth I have a sweet mouth, and most of the time it don't matter to me where the sweet comes from.

    Today was pretty good, I did get super hangry (hungry/angry) cuz my appetite is incredible. So far I am eating for two, me and the food baby, and at this rate I am going to blow up like the Jet Puffed Marshmallow man.

    Okay, now I have a question, What adult human actually knows how to play? I am trying to figure out this whole exercise thing, but I find it rather baffling. I am a go go GO! person. I did the full two weeks of Insanity, and apparently got myself a creaky hip injury, which I can only hope is useful for predicting the weather. I also gained more muscle under my fat and a big appetite, which resulted in a fear of being without food. Fo real. scarier than spiders or the movie Evil Dead 2.

    Here is what I ate:

    B: 1 piece bacon, 1 egg fried in bacon, 1 almond flour banana muffin

    S:nuts (a lot. I won't lie)

    L: 1 BAS (salad) with a whole avo, lots of veggies, EVOO, and 1/4 lb shrimp

    S: more nuts, tiny taste of cheese, small slice watermelon, 1/2 cup coconut milk

    D: grilled eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, and 1/2 chicken breast w/ evoo

    Lifted for 40 min

    A lot of food? But I get so hungry! Aren't I supposed to not feel as hungry?



    Current Weight: 155lbs

    Desired weight: 130lbs (that would be as small as I have ever been, and I was 16)
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