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Thread: Kosher and primal

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    Kosher and primal

    So in honor of Rosh Hashana, I'm looking to connect with other people who keep both kosher and paleo/primal. I'm trying to build a support system for myself. I've seen some posts about issues of kashrut, and I'm sure there must be other people who have the same difficulties I'm having with following the strictures of TWO extremely restrictive diets (especially since kashrut is a Neolithic diet).

    How do you cope with always being the one who eats differently, no matter who you are talking to or hanging out with?

    I'm constantly feeling deprived. Yesterday I was hungry, so I went out and bought some kosher ground beef and treifed it up by using it to make the first (bunless) cheeseburger of my life, just in time for the high holidays. (It was ridiculously delicious, by the way.) So I decided to post here and start getting some moral support.

    P.S. I don't use the computer on Shabbat and holidays, so I am looking forward to checking back on Sunday! Shana tova!
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