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Thread: Bonjour/Hello From Quebec

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    Bonjour/Hello From Quebec

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    I'm a transplanted New Yorker living in rural QC for the past 7 years. I'm also an anglophone, which makes me a serious minority. I've also lived in Atlanta (17years) and Chicago (2years). I've got a friend who lives in Florida who has lost 40lbs doing Crossfit and eating the Paleo Diet. Today she sent me a link to this website, and voila! here I am.

    I've lost 15lbs and have been running and exercising to get back in shape since last September, so today seemed as good a day as any to re-challenge myself. I'm looking to drop another 10lbs, but mostly to get a firmer body. I did well eating today, look forward to reading recipes, (i love to cook!) and to completing the 30 day challenge.

    (ta ta for now)


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    Bonjour! I didn't realize that English was still an issue in Quebec. I remember whenever I went into a shop or restaurant, the first words out of my mouth were, "I'm from Boston and on vacation." Then they were very nice to me. My family used to summer in Montreal and Quebec for about 20 years but it's been a while since I've been up there.

    Anyways, welcome to MDA!

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    Welcome to MDA! We can always use more cooks!
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