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Thread: Stop the Soy Kims 30 day Primal Challenge

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    day 18 i think


    eat fruits and veggies. - big salad for lunch as per usual - snacks of carrot, celery, bit of cooked beet I had in the fridge. I like beets, and turnips and brussel sprouts. all the wierd veggies. always have, even when I was little. berries at breakfast. not really much dinner. not hungry and late after yoga so just had a shake with some almond milk protein - fish, shakes

    2- avoid poisonous things.
    had two wines with friend today in afternoon but today was first day off in ages. not really poisonous but realised not good during the day as made me so tired. needed more real food yesterday - - eating was a bit sparse as again busy. definitely need to go shopping today. cream in coffee. again too heavy in my stomach - i always liked nothing in me though before running.

    3 - yes jog before and after sprints. also 1.5 hours bikhram hot yoga. thoroughly enjoyed this
    4- lots boxes lifted as per usual
    5- YES> kick arse did 8 sprints up one tree hill and down again. windy as nothing else. laughed like crazy as felt like I was going to blow over. felt that monday sprints better than thursday sprints as could feel energy lower. think going straight up and down is better too as less time in between sprints and can push higher intensity. really want to try sprints on a track - not sure where one is
    6- 7 hours sleep. tired. puttering around reading emails late.
    7- play - bikhram definetly play - visited with friends
    8- sun with wine in avo
    10 - i hope so

    what a full on day. glad its over.

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    day 19 and 20

    eat fruits and veggies. - salad at lunch. not much on the veggies front today - this was definitely my 20%. got taken out by friends to celebrate our wedding so had a coffee with some soymilk as my one treat per week, and too much french champagne - yum but know why i dont drink much anymore feeling shady today! also had one mojito bought for me from friend. at least did lots of dancing to burn it off. protein - shake after training, fish at lunch delicious and some chicken when i got home as no dinner.

    2- avoid poisonous things.
    no. had some soy, some alcohol, but my 20% so get over it

    3 - yes elliptical 35 minutes and some skipping/boxing/foam roller
    4- no
    5- no
    7- play - visited with friends, danced
    8- yes nice sun all day
    9- i guess
    10 - day off, not much brain work today

    today is my rest day - we have been working super hard so deserve it. had coffee with cream (last of it) not going to do much today but maybe some reading and a movie. need to listen to body and catch up

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