I hope to emulate King Leonidas someday - at least on Halloween.

I've been Primal 100% since April 20th, 2010. I currently weigh 230 at 5'9, 36in W. I haven't weighed under 200lbs since I was 17. Perhaps this has been because of football and powerlifting as a background. I wonder if I can get there? I've never had a 6 pack, but one can dream.

My favorite breakfast meal is a salad with mixed berries, 3 egg cheese/onion/pepper omelet with 3 pieces of bacon.

I love bacon.

I also love me some buffalo heart.

I run a weekly 5k, Boxing for fun on the weekends, and do various heavy workouts. I very much like simplefit (level 4 currently) and shovelglove. Sprint workouts usually occur once a week.

My current goal - to do 10 Muscle Ups.
First I need to get to 10 consecutive well executed pullups.

I started this journal with the challenge in mind.

Day 1 of Primal Blueprint Challenge:

Food: 2 chicken thighs, 2 chicken legs, one coffee with half and half no sugar. Lots of rest and downtime at the DMV! cooking another chicken for dinner, with salad. (I love cooking on my BGE Big Green Egg).

Exercise: received a painful Lymphatic massage, after yesterdays 5k, I'm taking it easy.

Sunlight: I washed the car today in lots of sunlight.

Other notes: Need to wash out my kick around vibram sprints(hot tip - tea tree oil and the washer work wonders!)