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    This is the easiest soup you'll ever make and somehow, I never get tired of the leftovers. Just made this last weekend because we had a rainy day. Although it was still hot (I'm in Florida), I like to sometimes turn the A/C down and pretend I'm back in the Pacific Northwest while cozying up with some comfort soup. I don't measure anything when I cook, so everything is an estimate.

    Brown about 1 lb. ground beef in a pot. Then add:

    1 small chopped onion

    3 small chopped carrots

    saute until veggies are al dente then add:

    one big can diced tomatoes

    about 1 1/2 cups chopped frozen green beans

    beef broth (as much as you want depending on how much broth you like)

    Sea Salt & lots of black pepper

    Simmer in the pot for about an hour or so to let flavors meld. This soup tastes better with each passing day.

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    Thanks Elana, I have some ground beef and pork at home, will try making this, it sounds like a great one-pot meal.

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    That sounds good. Thanks for posting, I love easy recipes!!

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    I love cooking and have lots of easy recipes. I'll try to start posting them here and there as I think of them

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    yum thank you! sounds like my kind of soup! oxoxo Darlene

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    Elana, I can't wait for more of your easy recipes! This particular one sounds tasty. Lately, soup has been may favorite way to get a lot of colorful veggies into my meals; for some reason I love cold soup more than hot. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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    hfox, I'm going to start trying to post some of my favorite meals in the recipe section so keep an eye out Pretty much everything is just floating around in my head, so I have to estimate the amounts of ingredients. I usually just dump stuff in until it looks like the right amount. If there's anything you're craving, let me know because I might have a recipe for it.

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