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Thread: Horsewoman stays the distance with primal!

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    Horsewoman stays the distance with primal! HELP ME WITH MY "WHOLE30" STARTING FEB 2!

    Day 1 of 30 day primal challenge, going from primal meals with "extras" to straight primal for 30 days. I am going to record exercise as well as I am getting back into my routine with that after kids being at home over the summer.

    Starting weight is approx 230lbs, down 30bs from my max before I stopped eating gluten, but still 100lbs heavier than before I got ill (yes freaking isn't it... and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me!). I am not going to weigh regularly though, as it leads me to cut back on my food, IV get too hungry and end up falling into temptation. My focus for now is solely on eating primal only, not on quantities, timing etc.

    7.15 4 organic eggs scrambled with a tbsp of ghee, greens and brocolli

    9.45 1/2 tsp coconut oil, few nuts (not really hungry but going to 1.5 hr yoga class)

    11.45 nuts

    12.45 3 pieces of poached coley with ghee and lemon pepper, greens and courgette, 2 bites of pear, 6 grapes, cup of fruit tea

    2.30 half a piece of salmon with lemon juice

    4.45 organic beef mince cooked with red onion and a can of tomatoes, salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomoato, peppers, olives, pspring onions, EVO and ACV dressing, 4 squares of 85% choc, small apple

    Soooo hungry today, just feeding myself and hoping it'll settle down as my body adjusts to not having regular carbs coming in.

    8.30 rest of the mince I cooked earlier (total was 500g), small portion of salad as before, 7 blackberries (from our garden )
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