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Other snacks that you can take on the go that might be more satiating:

Pre-cooked bacon (pastured is best of course)
hardboiled eggs (if you tolerate eggs)
jerky (homemade)
homemade coconut flour muffins (Mark has a recipe in the book and there are many online)

You can also make a green smoothie, blending greens w/ fruit and coconut milk (I add water as well) and put it into a thermous of some sort to drink at school. The (fatty) coconut milk will help it to be satiating (although I like to drink mine w/ some protein on the side personally) and you'll be getting in more veggies/fruits during the day... Google and you'll find lots of recipes online. If you are watching carbs, this may not be the most helpful idea, although you can still stay under 100 g carbs eating multiple pieces of fruit and veggies during the day...