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Thread: Is raw meat more primal than cooked meat?

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    troll alert, i believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donk View Post
    Grok ate more raw meat.....
    Ask here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by periquin View Post
    Tomorrow night, Tuesday, 7 SEP, on PBS there is a show called something like "Becoming Human". I have a feeling that it will be full of some good information about what the primal or proto man ate that caused the increase in intelligence. I plan to use the TV that night. Perhaps the question about raw or cooked food will be answered.
    It was really good and did mention cooking but it wasn't a big section. For anyone interested it is on youtube permanently.
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    I eat my eggs raw as I don't feel good with cooked eggs. I eat my beef raw as it just tastes better this way and has more fats when compared to cooked beef. Actually I just ate raw beef pieces with 3 raw egg yolks mixed with garlic/parsley. Freakish good !

    But about the topic, there is truth in heated fats and there is truth in cooked food. Although if anyone has tried to eat raw meat from the bone knows that getting it off the bone is quite hard. Grok would have got much more food from the bone when he cooked it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donk View Post
    Grok ate more raw meat than cooked meat judging by anthropological studies.
    Which ones are you judging from?

    What have forum members experiences been with consuming meat raw? Raw eggs, dairy etc?
    I don't care a lot for steak tartare, although I like my steaks very rare. Raw egg yolks don't seem that different from the yolks of lightly cooked fried eggs to me. Raw dairy I like - it's usually tastier, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    ... but liver is a bit hard to wrap my brain around. Maybe I'll snag a bit before I make stew. I'll admit, I'm nervous- lol.
    You can get parasites in it. It's happened to the odd holidaymaker offered raw liver in the Middle East after attending a tribal slaughter as a spectacle and accepting some. I tend to eat some liver every week or two, but I confess I've never had it raw.

    AFAICT, liver seems often to have been eaten raw by tribespeople, even though they might usually have cooked other cuts. Some still do that - the Tuvans in Siberia, for example, as Bear Grylls demonstrates here:

    FWIW, I'd sooner chance that of a wild Siberian yak than that of a Middle Eastern goat. But according to Nourishing Traditions the U.S. food safety people say that if you freeze raw liver for 14 days, that's enough to kill any parasites.

    I think the liver concentrates you get are raw - what bodybuilders use, and what that damn fool Shaw had to eat when recovering from deficiency-disease caused by vegetarianism. Always on the foolish or wrong side of every question of the day Shaw - although his music criticism is apparently of a very high quality, most of the rest of his writings is worth the dust it's now gathering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donk View Post
    Yeah Ive read that book recently but I was thinking that humans are the only creatures that cook their food and do other animals do?

    These are the points Id like to debate.

    *Heating destroys protein chains

    *Heating makes fats rancid

    *Heating destroys vitamin b12

    So what to people do about this? Do people take a b12 supp?
    *Egg protein is more available cooked.

    *Antioxidants protect fats from going rancid. Saturated and monousaturated fats are quite stable so can handle some heat.

    *Raw egg yolk and any rare/med rare meat will give you B12.

    So what do you do to get your B12? Eat your feces like gorillas or supplement?

    P.S. Give cooked food to an animal and I bet they would eat it. They still recognise it as food. Cooking helped us become what we are today and so did meat, you can't really argue with that.
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