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Thread: Menstruation

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    That's been my experience, too, Christina. Usually, the cramps started a couple of days before. This time, the dull ache started right when the flow did.

    Having said all I did above, I have to report that I did succumb to Advil eventually. The ache was much less than usual, but then a wave hit badly. I waited it out for 30 minutes, and when it didn't leave, I just reached for the medicine cabinet. But I hope I won't have to medicate myself for all 3 days as is normally the case. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted with my little TMI. :-)

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    In regards to low-carb diets and menstrual regularity...

    Many women with PCOS (such as myself) experience irregular or missing cycles due to hormonal imbalances caused by ovarian cysts. One of the causes of the ovarian cysts is insulin resistance, due to a high-carb/low-fat diet that mucks up the endocrine system. I've remedied my PCOS by adopting the Paleo diet.

    I've always though that while maybe not every woman who eats a high-carb/low-fat diet will have ovarian cysts, their hormones may still be affected by a poor diet. I mean, I know women who have killer PMS, killer cramps, and they eat ice cream for dinner to "make themselves feel better." Yeah, good luck with that.

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    I'm on a BC that keeps me from having a period at all because of the PCOS and PMDD (the depression that can be worse than PMS). I have noticed that my reactive hypoglycemia has disappeared (unless I cheat, of course) but now I get it worse. Ironically, the fact that my hypoglycemia is worse actually indicates that my insulin resistance is getting better. So, no more cheating, and I'll hope that when I return to a less medicated existence, my cycle won't be so bad. If it was normal PMS I could probably handle it.... I wouldn't know though since I've never had it less bad!

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    When i was fatter (180 lbs.+ @ 5'1"), i used to get my period a few times a year. Once i lost some weight they became very regular for the first time in years. I haven't failed to get one within a few days of it's "due date" in over a year. I mostly rollerblade and do bodyweight exercises (used to not do anything besides my job, which is a stocking position in a supermarket). My diet isn't exactly primal, but it's heading in that direction. Most days i'm not too much over 150 carbs (which i know i beyond the pale awful for some of you). Having started out doing WeightWatches which b***h-slaps you for eating fats, i've improved a lot. I was eating about 1500 calories a day, too, when i was trying to lose weight. But anyway, yeah a healthier lifestyle seems to have fixed my menstrual irregularity (and made my periods a lot shorter and lighter and given me a lot less PMS issues, too).

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    Oh to be a women. Most the time it's all 'honkey dori' some of the time it's the pits. But being informed is the key~health inside and out.

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    I've been 28-days regular for the past three years at least (since I started charting), but this last month I was one week late!! I think it has to do with two things:

    1. trauma/stress: I had my wisdom teeth out four weeks ago

    2. flax: I started making and consuming lots of flax bread

    I have no idea how much the primal diet would have affected my cycle. I've gone hard-core primal in the past and it hasn't affected my cycle.

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    Seriously...since I started practicing intermittent fasting on top of primal nutrition and exercise, I went for 11 months straight without menstruating at all. That plus the fact I was cold all the time prompted me to start eating more and more often.

    Although I regained all the weight I lost and am about 22% body fat now, I still haven't had a period naturally. My OB/GYN prescribed pills (first progesterone/Provera and then a combo estrogen/progesterone birth control pill) that eventually led a single menstrual cycle, I'm still waiting to see if I can be fertile on my own. Sigh! Which is to say, as with everything, YMMV, right?

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