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Thread: Is Marijuana primal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rgb525 View Post
    Refer to the title
    What does the title mean?

    Does it mean, Was it used by the first societies? Or does it mean, is it healthy?

    As to the second question, Of course not. Your business what you do to yourself, of course - although if you, for example, drive or operate machinery under its influence, it's not merely that. There are also some cancers, including cancer of head, linked with use. So if you do use it better be sure your food includes plenty of fat-soluble vitamins and that you get plenty of sleep in total darkness.

    Post 9 is correct to say that it's not all the same. People have crossed cannabis sativa and cannabis inidica so that they can grow it indoors under lights in colder climates. Those crosses are very much stronger and very much nastier than what was once imported to colder climes - sometimes local isn't best! - and possibly account for the increase in psychosis among people using it.

    As to the first question, I can't recall any evidence of that. But certainly herding and agricultural civilizations have used it, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's been used for far longer. For herders, see Herodotus on the Sycthians, for example - 73 to 75 on this page:

    As an example of agriculturalists - the Zulus used it. Interestingly, that included use of it for military purposes. Their witchdoctors had bred versions that were very high in THC, but low in the compounds that have a sedative effect. (The Zulus had quite a pharmacopeia for battle use, including a mushroom that contains the same toxin as fly agaric - would make you think you were more-or-less unstoppable.)

    As far as modern hunter-gatherers go, the Bushmen smoke dagga - South african term for hemp. They also love tobacco - they actually smoke cigarettes with the lighted end inside their mouths so as to lose no smoke. Probably they smoked dagga before tobacco became available - tobacco is a New World plant. I'd think their usage may go back a very long time indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    About as Primal as alcohol.

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