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Thread: Does anyone care to critique this?

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    Does anyone care to critique this?

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    A friend of mine posted before and after pics of himself on FB. He started in March at 213 and got himself buff and 175 by August. He said it was mostly diet and 2 1/2 hours per week of working out at home. I was amazed at the pics and the idea that it seemed simple enough for him to do, so I asked him for some info on what he did. Below is what he sent me. Your thoughts?

    In essence you will be eating 5 to 6 small meals everyday. For the most part each meal will have a “protein” portion and a “carbohydrate” portion and for two of those meals we will add a vegetable. You need to drink water throughout the day and not just during meals. If you drink one with meals and maybe a few during they day that would total about 8-10 bottled waters or if you want to save money tap water is fine. You can do one free day a week which means eat whatever you want to for that day or do two free cheat meals a week. More times than not I did the later

    A portion is the size of a “fist” or somewhere between 3-5 ounces which is not that large. I never measure my food but just use the “fist” as a guide when you prepare your food.

    To avoid sounding long winded I'm not going to get into the philosophy of why all this works but just basically tell you what to eat.

    Breakfast Meal 1

    4 eggs hold the yolk on three of those (Scrambled)
    two pieces of whole wheat toast (no butter ever on anything) but you can spry just a tad of spam on it for flavor
    (I eat this everyday)

    Snack meal 2

    Protein Pudding with an apple

    Lunch Meal 3

    Grilled chicken breast, Sweet potato, 1 serving of green beans

    Snack meal 4

    Yoplait fat free yogart any flavor mixed with low fat cottage cheese ( I use breakstone's snack size) (I eat this a lot) mixed together is really good

    Supper Meal 5

    Lean ground beef burger with whole wheat bun lettuce, tomato, fat free cheese, tad of ketchup and mustard

    Snack Meal 6

    Shot of protein (mix and shake with water) or you could just eat like grilled chicken breast with veggies (NO CARBS!!!!) this meal for me is usually around 7 pm

    PLEASE NOTE YOU MIX THESE MEALS AROUND EXAMPLE- Eat the breakfast meal for supper or yogart and cottage cheese for breakfast.

    Cooking, Shopping, and Recipes

    Buying protein will be your biggest expense but here is the secret. Go to Walmart and buy Super advanced Whey Protein by Body Fortress. They have it available in several flavors vanilla, chocalote etc. If you look under “supplement Facts” you will notice that one scoop equals 26 grams of protein which is basically a serving and you will get 27 servings for 15 bucks. This is great value. Also buy a shaker cup which is usually right there beside the protein.

    To me it seems easier to cook and eat the same foods. For example go buy lean ground beef from Walmart or wherever and try to get 96% fat free but if you can only find 93% that's ok too. But you should be able to make about 5 burgers out of that. So the next day I will probably eat burgers for three meals and the other two meals a shot a protein.

    When people diet they try to fix these elobarate recipes which cost more money and takes more time. Find simple ways to cook and prepare food. For example if you like tuna here's some quick recipes. Tuna full can in water mixed with 1 tablespoon fat free mayo and chopped up celery. Add a sweet potato or 2 pieces of whole wheat bread and you have a great meal.

    Another great recipe. You can do this for fish or chicken. Take one egg white and place fish in the egg then roll into bread crumbs (dont go overboard) then sprinkle tablespoon of fat free parmesean cheese then bake add a carbohydrate like yogart and you have a complete meal.

    Protein pudding (this will taste like desert and really satisfies the sweet tooth). A tad more than ˝ cup of fat free milk, one scoop of vanilla protein powder then blend for 15 seconds then add two tablespoons of your fav fat free pudding mix like butterscotch blend for 60 seconds. Pour into container let chill for 20 minutes then enjoy. I count this as a complete meal but it is relatively low in carbs. You can also use cheesecake or pistachio for the vanilla protein. And for chocalote protein you can use fat free chocalote pudding mix.

    For breakfast you can also use this recipe for scrambled eggs mentioned above and make an omlet then just add onions, bell peppers, etc for taste.


    At some point you will be faced with a situation where you have nothing prepared maybe you helped kids with homework and couldn't fix food or you traveled for business, etc. But you can still eat clean and stay on the plan

    Go buy Zone protein bars. They are balanced in fat, protein, and carbs and use them as meal replacements. Don't eat 5 of these a day but one or two a day is ok especially if you are In a jam.

    Here's a few things you can order from fast food place. Most fast food places you can simply order a grilled chicken plain.

    grilled chicken with a side salad fat free dressing and baked potato PLAIN!!
    or small chili (they actually use lean ground beef in their chili) with a side salad fat free dressing

    Grilled Chicken Breast with green beans then add either corn on the cobb or baked beans for your carbohydrate

    6 inch whole wheat sub with protein. You can eat a number of things here like grilled chicked, ham, turkey. Then add the veggies you want and just a tad of light mayo. I eat this from time to time as well

    NOTE Also a favorite book of mine if Eating for Life by Bill Phillips. Easy recipes that taste great!!

    Supplements -Here's all you need. 1 Multi vitiman and 2 flax seed oil caps twice daily. Guys may want to add creatine to the mix as well for added muscle growth.


    The method is called the hit method and if you want to research it just google the hit method by mike mentzer. It works for men and woman. For all woman that say “I dont want to bulk up and get big” well unless you are willing to stick a needle full of steroids in your “hinny” and eat about 3,000 calories a day......Don't worry it aint happen. Its a myth among woman but if you do this method you will become very lean and have an awesome figure.

    Read these articles for background info

    Now let me try to explain it in simpler terms. You are going to be suppersetting which means once you finish one routine to failure you quickly go into the next exercise. The good news is you are going to only work out for 20 min

    Here is a chest routine example
    Warmup – about 20 pushups or maybe fewer if you are starting out

    1 Do as many pushups as you can till failure which means you can't do anymore
    2 Quickly do another chest exercise till failure like the bench press or bench flys

    I will do about 3 to 4 sets of the example above using diff chest exercises. Resting about 2 minutes in between and that's it you are done!!!

    Also add in partial reps. Which means just barely lifting the weight after failure
    Also add in rest pause technique. Rest for 3 seconds after failure then try to get one more rep in rest 3 seconds then one more rep

    Here is a typical routine you can follow

    Monday Chest and Back 20 minutes total

    Tuesday Cardio for 30 min ( I do jumping jacks run in place but dont get to the point you can't talk that's going to hard)

    Wednesday Legs which includes Quads, Hamstrings, and Calvs

    Thursday Cardio for 30 min

    Friday Biceps , Triceps, Shoulders ( I only do 2 sets of each)

    For the next week here is the schedule

    Monday Cardio

    Tuesday Chest and Back

    Wed Cardio

    Thursday Legs

    Friday Cardio

    The next week schedule

    Monday Biceps, Triceps and shoulders

    Tuesday Cardio

    Wed Chest and Back

    Thursday Cardio

    Friday Legs

    then back to first week

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    Well, it worked right? But, what happens when he hurts himself? Or when he is old and can't work out. Or when he gets bored eating like that.

    Yeah the PB way of life means no grains and no beans, but it is far from boring. His seems pretty boring. I couldn't live like that long term.

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    Wow, sounds like a fantastic way to live. I'd especially look forward to "just a tad of spam on it for flavor" (and I think he meant Pam)!

    Well, if it worked for your friend, great. But could anyone really make that a long-term lifestyle. Think I'd rather be overweight and unhealthy. In fact, being overweight on a SAD may be more healthy than that.

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    I agree with Piscator....

    It all sounds very temporary. I've tried diets like that in the past and i lasted about a week before i got completely bored of them. I also constantly craved carbs and sugar (as if they're something different). I had to fight day and night not to "wreck" the diet. On PB I have absolutely no temptation to go off track - except maybe wanting candy once in a while but that's more of a mental thing - and I am enjoying having a huge variety of food to choose from.

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    Sounds like hell on earth, to me ;-)
    But, whatever's clever. If you want to do something like that, please feel free to go ahead.
    Do NOT ask me to tell you it's a good idea.

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    What he's describing is basically Weight Watchers or Richard Simmons' Deal A Meal. He lost weight because of caloric restriction through a primarily low fat means. This can work. Whether it's sustainable or enjoyable is a whole other story.

    Protein pudding (this will taste like desert...
    Quite the a propos typo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuno1chi View Post
    Sounds like hell on earth, to me ;-)
    But, whatever's clever. If you want to do something like that, please feel free to go ahead.
    Do NOT ask me to tell you it's a good idea.
    No, no, no. I wouldn't dare ask for that.

    In fact, I emailed him back and thanked him for sharing that with me, but nutritionally, we were from two very different camps. I went a step further and told him what I was eating and what I wasn't eating. I wouldn't argue with his results (and they were impressive), but that was a diet I just couldn't live with. Besides, I'm down 20 lbs myself since May, my BP is down and my skin seems to be buttery smooth.......or maybe just buttery.

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    Sounds like some CW nonsense quackery.
    “It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creeds into law if it acquires the political power to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the minds of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics.”
    —Robert A. Heinlein

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    Looks like a typical "Body for Life" sort of plan. You could do a hell of a lot worse. Me and several of my friends ate that way for years and more or less thrived. It's more or less a utopian dream diet compared to the garbage most people shovel into their pie holes, regardless of how "CW" or "neolithic" it is. In fact, leaving out all the supplement garbage (I include any bars or powders in that category), that's almost always the sort of diet I suggest people try first, with a tad less fat-phobia if all they want to do is feel healthier and lose some weight. The number of people I know who have the willpower to go paleo=0, the number of people I know who could benefit from a breakfast of eggs and WW toast instead of a McGriddle=dozens.

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    I don't want to have to eat six times a day.

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