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    Just thought I'd intoduce myself to the forum.

    Along with my partner, who is already a member of the forum, I've been attempting to live primally for a couple of months.

    As I suffer from coeliac disease plus being definitely overweight I'm finding that I have more energy but am still working on developing a better balance in my work-play lifestyle to reduce stress and reduce the temptation to eat non-primal foods.

    Old habits die hard and are hard to break, but reading the forum posts for the last few weeks has helped me realise that I'm not alone in this battle to better my life!

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    Hey! I'm from Oz as well and I'm also a coeliac!! My naturopath suggested i try the primal diet and it has definitely made such a difference- i now have energy and dont want to fall asleep in the afternoon:P It is hard to break the bad habits, im terrible at this, but everyone falls off the wagon every now and then, just pick yourself up and start again!!

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    welcome mate from a Syd guy mid -40's trying to knock off 15% and add shape/form/strength/energy etc ...
    stick with it ..

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