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Thread: Rendering bone marrow page

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    Rendering bone marrow

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    This morning I wondered if it would be possible to render the marrow from bones. I have found two different approaches to this. Enjoy:

    Anyone have any other recipes for rendering bone marrow?

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    Just... Omg... Awesome

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    those are some interesting articles, particularly the first one. I've only cooked the bones and then eaten the marrow right afterwards. I have made buffalo broth in my slow cooker with large (2lb or so) knuckle bones. I usually leave the big bones in my slow cooker on low for 2 days. I know there are pockets of marrow lurking inside of these big bones that break out while slow cooking. After I put it in plastic containers and it freezes there is usually a layer 1/2 inch or so on top of fat, some of which I am sure is marrow. I guess that is not technically the same thing as rendered marrow but separated from the rest of the broth and warmed up a bit, it could serve the same function.

    Regarding marrow being called Beff Butter, settlers in the US midwest used to call buffalo marrow Prairie Butter.

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