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Thread: Newborn babies should not be given sugar as pain relief, says study page 3

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    I wish we had met someone like you during it all. Would have been so much easier rather than my wife made to feel inadequate through the whole process by so called professionals.

    You mention "Moms with symptoms of insufficient glandular tissue (a primary supply issue)" and this was most likely the issue due to things I'd rather not discuss, but no person, of the many we spoke to even raised this. It was usually just 'you're not trying hard enough.'

    Thanks for the words.

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    I've seen websites that claim that coconut milk is a close analog to breast milk. There is also this article that claims that it is good for mothers that breast feed to drink coconut milk:

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    Thanatos, I wish I would have known you when you and your wife walking that path.


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