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Thread: Any recipes I can hide eggs in?

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    Any recipes I can hide eggs in?

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    So I have a love hate relationship with eggs. For a period, I will think soft boiled eggs are God's gift to humanity. I will think it doesn't get any better than this. Then, for a period I will detest eggs. Any obviously egg food (scrambled, fried, quiche, you name it) and I wanna vom-bomb.

    I just came out of my love for egg period, and while I know there are many other protein sources for breakfast--eggs are just so darn cheap! Leftovers are out because I eat those for lunch (or sometimes I eat leftovers for breakfast and eggs for lunch, but you get my point). Here are the only "hidden" egg recipes I can think of:

    -Smoothie with raw egg (but there's the biotin issue and you have to double the eggs you really since you can only absorb 50% of the protein in the raw form, so this would be only rarely)

    Any other suggestions?

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    I have a similar relationship with eggs: I'm currently in the eggs-are-bleh phase. Frankly, I just have other stuff for breakfast, like leftover meat. Give me some stew meat and a crock put and anything goes.
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    I just got OUT of a 'eggs make me vomit' phase Had deviled eggs for breakfast (and sent some in my 2nd graders lunch for school as well) - YUM!

    There is always 'bread' type products to hide eggs in....coconut/almond flour...I like to make a primal chicken nugget for the little kids (ground chicken, dipped in egg, coated in above 'flour'...fried in coconut oil). I like to add eggs to meatball/loaf mixture.

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    i have this same relationship with eggs. If I over do it, i cant eat eggs for weeks sometimes.

    -coconut pancakes - these are basically coconut omletes
    -homemade mayo - uses raw egg

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