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Thread: Menopause?

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    shirin had mentioned some black cohosh, which didn't work for her, but it might for you. Try adding Chaste Tree Berry with it. Those are supposed to help balance the hormones. Try to get something with those in it and follow the directions on the box. Or you could each of them (chaste tree berry might be difficult to find) as the herb itself and make a tea - two parts CTB to one part Black Cohosh. Steep for ten minutes then drink three times daily.

    I used to have ovarian cysts and my naturopathic doctor had me on both fish oil and evening primrose oil to balance my hormones. I'm not sure how that would affect someone who is menopausal. The funny thing is that now I'm primal, I don't really need to, my hormones balanced on their own.

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    I haven't read any of the other posts, so Im not sure if it was mentioned yet, but the Diet Cure by Julia Ross has an entire section devoted to helping people with Menopause and PMS. It's a great read and a great buy.

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    I guess I was fortunate because I went through menopause without many symptoms and little, if any, discomfort. My major problem is that during menopause I became hypothyroid (Hashimoto's) and it took me 5 years to get a diagnosis because my primary doctor kept insisting that I was "normal." He attributed all my symptoms to 'aging.'

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