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Thread: Transitioning to eating meat?

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    You need to eat meat! Do you want to become a scrawny vegan! I think not!

    Look at that book 'skinny bitch'. She is another scrawny vegan glamour girl. We like our girls primal not primadonna! Eat up!

    Lift more heavy weights, do lots of shouting in private and watch lots of UFC fighting. I find that builds my appetite for a rare grass fed steak very quickly. They call it 'alpha typing'.

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    ...does anyone have that Bacon Explosion recipe handy?
    I'm think of having it tomorrow, wth a side of troll salsa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donk View Post
    You need to eat meat! Do you want to become a scrawny vegan! .
    Sometimes vegans are fat not scrawny. They are also often stupid, rude and preachy.

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    Ignore the vegan raw foodist troll (Donk and Durianrider....)

    Don't let them suck up your time guys. Add them to your ignore list and move along.

    Add to ignore by clicking on their names in any of their posts. On the profile page, one of the options (along with pm or send email) is IGNORE THIS USER.
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