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Thread: energy levels luteal vs follicular page

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    Just wondering if any other women here notice definite changes in their energy levels in these phases. Been doing some reading on it and it suggests that during the luteal phase (between ovulation and menstruation) that this is the best fat burning time for women. I usually notice an upswing in energy towards the end of this phase, anyone else?

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    Yes, I notice a huge change during this time. First half I have loads of energy, optimism, motivation, during the luteal phase my energy sags and I am more prone to low mood.

    The difference is fairly pronounced and I can't seem to find a Dr. that thinks it is an issue worth looking at (insert eye roll). I need to book an appt with my naturopath methinks.

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    I think there might be some real gains in training if I could journal my energy cycles, and put them to use!

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    I have a tendency to be hungry a lot the week before my period, and feel bloated and thus lethargic. The week of I am never hungry and feel light and full of energy. What a great idea to schedule training around this.

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