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Thread: New, Need Advice, Thyroid, PCOS

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    apologies for the lateness of my reply on this but hypothyroidism is nearly always caused by an iodine deficiency. please read this article about iodine deficiencies:

    also by a ph test kit and test the ph of either your urine or your saliva (saliva probably easier) first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. you will want to maintain a body ph of 7.35-7.45, as you can see this is ever so slightly alkaline. acidosis of the body is a culprit of many dis-ease. an article about acidosis for more information about keeping your body at a neutral-alkaline level.

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    Phew. Lots of crackpot misinformation in here. Seriously, Nina, I recommend going and reading the other threads, and also checking out Stop The Thyroid Madness ( For every gkh who has good luck on levothyroxine there are plenty of others for whom it is totally inadequate. Armour, Naturethroid, and Westhroid are qualitatively different because they contain all of the hormones in the thyroid, not just T4: T3, T2, T1, and calcitonin. T4 is turned into T3, T2, and T1 progressively by various deiodinase enzymes, and they are more potent in individual tissues and faster acting as that happens. The process of converting T4 into those hormones and getting them to cells is prone to a lot of issues, and while T4-only replacement may work fine if literally everything else in your body is optimal, it's not a good assumption to make.

    Again, TSH is a screening tool, and getting it back into normal range is not a cure. Your body temperature, heart rate, skin, hair, nails, level of energy, digestive system, etc. all need to stop presenting symptoms of hypothyroidism for you to consider your treatment a success. You need to have the doctor check 24hr cortisol, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, ferritin, thyroid peroxidase, and thryoid antibodies, and you should keep a waking temperature log (should be 97.8-98.2 upon waking and 98.4-98.8 at 3PM), resting heart rate log, and if possible notes about the status of any hypo symptoms you observe (losing hair, brittle nails, feeling cold, and many others).

    There are a lot of doctors and endrocrinologists who like things to be super simple -- send every diabetic home with some insulin, metformin, and instructions to eat more healthy whole grains, send every hypothyroid patient home with levothyroxine and increase the dose until TSH is maybe within spitting distance of what the acceptable levels for it were 6 years ago (range was moved to 0.3-3 in 2003, used to be 0.5-5, my wife was told she was fine with a TSH of 5.4 and plenty of hypo symptoms, so we switched doctors), etc.

    It's an endocrine problem and therefore never simple, and you have the right to insist to an accurate diagnosis and alleviation of symptoms.

    If gkh knew anything about thyroid problems, he/she wouldn't brag about eating cauliflower (a goitrogen) like it was a job, and would know that initial doses are not final doses, but are increased until the doctor gets tired of testing your TSH and tells you to go away. Additionally, gkh would know that 25mg is not even remotely a sane number for a dose of levothyroxine. A minimal dose would be more like 25ug and move up to 100-150ug for a serious deficiency.

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    Nick is right, Nina- I heed his advice and have similar problems. I am waiting for more test results myself (re: Hashi's, celiac, primary or secondary adrenal fatigue). While we can do much to enhance our health thru diet, natural dessicated thyroid is really essential to our continued health. Sadly, it looks like the FDA may pull our meds off the market- an announcement is expected today (Thurs Aug 27th). Check out the Stop The Thyroid Madness website as listed above & join Janie's group on Facebook for updates. The PB alone cannot save those of us with thyroid disease, as much as I wish it could.

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    Man, I hate the FDA. I may have to look into that Erfa stuff STTM talks about for my wife (

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    If you are still suffering with PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibrocystic Breasts or cysts there is a great deal of hope.

    THE number 1 cause for PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibrocystic Breasts AND the eventual cancers of these organs PLUS Prostate problems in men with resulting prostate cancers are ALL THE SAME ! Also hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Graves Disease & Hashimotos. A nationwide severe iodine deficiency. Every cell in the human body requires iodine to be healthy, ESPECIALLY the reproductive organs and the Thyroid which is responsible for hormones.

    What happened to all of that iodized salt??? What little iodine we have in our cells has been replaced by nasty toxins called Bromides, Fluorides & Chlorides. (Halide Chemicals) We live in a SEA of these toxins in our food, our drinking water, our toothpaste, hair coloring, everywhere! These toxins cripple our immune system so that it is not as effective killing virus, germs, candida, & cancer cells.

    For the complete and horrible story see this link, Iodine References:
    Please pass these files on to friends & relatives. Send them out on Facebook & Twitter. Get the word out to everyone.

    Symptoms from Iodine Deficiency
    (typically the same as hypothyroidism - Link )
    * Aches and pains, vague (1) * Asthma (13)
    * Brittle Nails (12) * Candida(4)
    * Cholesterol levels increased (1) * Cysts of skin, breast & ovaries (9)
    * Cold intolerance (cold hands & feet) (1) * Concentration decreased [brain fog] (1)
    * Constipation (1) * Depression (1)
    * Diabetes (4) * Dry, coarse hair (1)
    * Dry skin (1) * Dry Mouth
    * Dry Eyes * Excessive sleepiness (1)
    * Fatigue (1) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * Fibromyalgia (4)
    * Fluid Retention (4) * Graves’ Disease (4)
    * Hair Loss (10) * Headaches (11)
    * Heart rate slowing (1) * Hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Hashi’s (4, 9)
    * Immune system reduced function (4) * Insomnia (4)
    * Keloids (9) * Memory Poor (12)
    * Miscarriages & Low Baby IQ * Mental Retardation
    * Muscle Cramps, Pain (1,4) * Parotid duct stones.(12) * Puffiness around the eyes (1) * Stomach Problems
    * Sweating reduced or gone(1) * Swelling of the legs (edema) (1) * Temperature drop in body temp (1) * Thyroid cysts (Goiters) (2,3) * Weakness (12) * Weight gain (1)
    THERE ARE MUCH MORE - 181 Symptoms ! ! ! Consequences of Iodine Deficiency

    Symptoms from SEVERE Iodine Deficiency
    * Migraine headaches (5,6) * Painful periods/heavy periods (5,6)
    * Pelvic pain (5,6) * PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) (5,6)
    * Endometriosis (5,6) * Fibroid Tumors (5,6)
    * Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) (5,6) * Breast pain (fibrocystic tissue) (5,6)
    * Cancers in female breasts & organs (5,6) * Lung Cancers (13)
    * Prostate problems including Cancer (7,8) * testicular cancer (7,8)
    * Thyroid Cancers * Erectile Dysfunction
    1) Iodine Deficiency | University of Michigan Health System
    (2) Thyroid Cyst Symptoms |
    (3) Iodine Cures
    (4) Iodine Therapy
    (5) Iodine Deficiency and Estrogen Dominant Diseases - Jorge D. Flechas, MD - YouTube
    (6) Iodine for Health by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
    (7) Cancer and Iodine - The Iodine Project
    (8) Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic
    (9) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
    (10) Iodine and Hair Loss: Is There A Connection? | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
    (11) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
    (12) Iodine deficiency symptoms and benefits | Foods containing Iodine | Overdose Symptoms
    (13) Dr. David Derry Answers Reader Questions -- Asthma and Thyroid Hormones

    Join us at our Iodine Thread if you have any questions:


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    Eat primally, learn to reduce/control carbs for better hunger control and better hormonal control, INCREASE saturated fat, exercise (walk & lift weights) & try cold thermogenesis- can help clean excess estrogen from the body from killing fat cells that contain estrogen and/or xenoestrogens. Don't use the bcp if you can at all help it, use progesterone cream till you go meno.

    For more help:
    Nancy Deville | Author of Healthy, Sexy, Happy, Death by Supermarket, and Karma

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