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Thread: Fitness routine suggestions

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    I completed 2 rounds of P90X, and once I finished I wanted to take a month off before I do P90X+. So this past month I've been able to keep weight off (yay) and notice some new muscles. I've been kind of walking blindly through a self made fitness program of running, yoga, sprinting, climbing and some weight lifting with my kettle bell. Last week I made a mace.

    So this week I began a Tabata program and seeing how this feels on my body. Can someone lend me some perspective if this is too much? I really have tons of energy so I don't have any problems repeating some strength routines or sprinting. It's weird, but I am addicted to working out now for some reason.


    Speed Rope 1min

    Mace Swings 10R/10L

    Kettle Bell: 10 2H swings, 10 1H toss + Catch each side, 10x around the waist each side, 10 snatches each side

    10 Burpees

    2-4 min rest

    Repeat 2-4 times


    1x Sprints all out for 60 seconds

    2-4min rest

    Repeat 5 times

    10 Burpees

    1-2min rest

    Repeat 2 times

    25 In-Outs

    10 V-up Roll ups

    25 Mason Twists

    Lite jog back home

    Wednesday : REST


    10 Squat Shoulder Press with 50# sandbag

    10 2arm curls with sandbag

    5-10 each side Shoulder loads with sandbag

    30 seconds of Bear Hug Walk with sandbag

    4 min rest

    Repeat2-4 times


    Yoga 1hr


    2h Early Morning Hiking


    10R / 10L Mace swings

    25 Sumo Squats with some heavy object

    25 Walking lunges with Mace

    30 Jump Squats

    Rest 2-4min

    Repeat 4x

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    Just make sure you are giving the muscles some rest time in between or you will actually hamper your growth...I know what you mean though about mixing it up...just finished a 3rd round of X and looking to mix it up....need a change of pace...I've added in tabata's one day a week...last night instead of the typical back and bi's I mixed it up with my elite rings and pull up bar to really hit it hard and fast...

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