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Thread: sooo angry!! Coco Pops...GGRRR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lodini View Post
    I found out this morning on a commercial that Frosted Mini Wheats are a GREAT source of fiber I also love that Capri Sun is now "100% juice!" LOL
    Oh man, I used to LOVE frosted mini wheats. I ate them every morning. I remember walking into the supermarket and they had them massively on sale so i bought like 14 of them. They do taste good, and I won't lie: sometimes I dream of them. Meh, I make do with bacon and eggs! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneAgeQueen View Post
    Yep.. although sadly this probably wouldn't deter most people from buying it. 'It's only 1% fat, it's good for me'.
    DON'T get me started, just DON'T!!! The ad that REALLY has me screaming at the telly is the Special K 'diet' one (y'know, 2 bowls of Special K, or a Special K bar, and a 'sensible' tea and just watch the pounds melt away!)

    Number 2: - The press ads for that Nestle campaign (Do It For Free or whatever it's called). Can't they see the irony in encouraging kids to eat lots and lots and lots of sugary cereals (but LOOK it's made from WHOLEGRAINS, therefore it's Super Healthy! ARGH!!!!) to gain points tokens to 'spend' on outdoor and sporting activities...?!

    By the way - you do know that Kellogg's, Nestle, Mars and Cadbury's (and I think MaccyD's are too) are the main sponsors of the govt's so called Change 4 Life initiative, don't you...?

    Read Zoe Harcombe's blog on the subject http:// (about 2/3 the way down). She REALLY gets stuck into Kellogg's re their 'Why not try Coco Pops as a healthy, nutritious, after-school snack...?" campaign! ARGH!!
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    When we visited my MIL recently, she bought cereal and other garbage we don't normally have in our house. We told her we don't eat grain, but she bought it anyway. Why? Because it is the healthier of the 'junk' cereal because it has fiber in it. Ugh, I was highly annoyed. I think she bought Golden Grahams or something.

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    maccy-d's are sponsoring the 2012 Olympic Games! Oh the hypocrasy!
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