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Thread: I'm Taking My Life Back Day 10

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    Why do we do this? Why do we push ourselves to our limits, only to find yet another step to climb?

    For me I look into the eyes of my wife and son; knowing how if I fail at this, I fail them. I'm not doing this to trim a few pounds off, to define my muscles, or to excel at a sport, I'm fighting for my life.

    I'm morbidly obese with pulmonary problems, a seizure disorder, Asperger's Syndrome and high blood pressure. I spent 8 days in the ICU in January with Pneumonia. I smoked for 25 years, poured crap into my body, and spent the last 9 years living in an apathetic stupor.

    So, enough of the violin music. There is more than just the close call in January that has me climbing those stairs. There are the words of inspiration I read from the coaches at RMAX, Baba Ram Dass and the groups on Facebook. There is the knowledge of what I have survived to be here now, and that has given me strength and motivation to take those steps. I choose to change, to grow and to heal.

    Why do we do this? Because we can. We need to make the climb, to see the sun from the mountaintop. Because giving up is failure.

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    Keep it up!

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    I have to say, Go for it!

    Lots of good luck from Sweden!

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    Keep it going man!

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