BTW, for our Seattle Primal BBQ/ Meetup, I made Blackberry muffins with 1/2 Almond Meal and 1/2 Coconut 'Meal', which was an attempt at making coconut flour, since I ran out.

Here's what happened: Based on the recipe, the consistency with the actual dry coconut flour should've been thicker. With my coconut 'meal', it was considerably more of a 'runny' texture, so I had to add more almond meal and coconut 'meal' to get it to thicken up.

The result? Perfectly wonderful and moist muffins since the 'coconut meal' still had moisture in the form of water & fat, opposed to the dehydrated coconut flour.

That Bob's Redmill is so expensive for the tiny little package that it comes in and the better deal is Tropical Traditions (JUST finished ordering more), so my lesson now, will be to actually incorporate all 3 into my recipes, adjusting accordingly to the additional moisture retention.

I think this will save a bit of money and keep more of the precious coconut flour around my kitchen a little longer than normal...