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Thread: Tooth paste?

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    Hello! I was just wondering what the paleo stance on toothpaste is? What sort of toothpaste do you use, if any?

    Grok certainly didn't use it but I really like the clean feeling of brushing my teeth, especially since I wear braces and food can be caught easily.


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    some discussion on it from previous can usually find prior discussions somewhere on here...try the search function at the top of the page...has helped me when I was first getting going

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    I've been using Baking Soda ever since Marika, a fellow primal here on the forum, recommended it. I quite like using it and I asked my dentist too and she's fine with it. You can get the info you want from this thread:

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    I'm not sure but if I were to hazard a guess and go with the "simpler is better" idea, just some plain old baking soda toothpaste with no extra whitening cavity fighting bells and whistles seems best. Or split open a young twig and brush with the fibers inside.

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    I use a natural product called OraMD. It's a mix of peppermint, spearmint and almond oils. It's weird at first to brush your teeth with oil (obviously no sudsing) but my mouth has never felt cleaner and it's the only thing that has ever helped my gum problems.

    A three-month supply costs $25 for the regular and $50 for the extra strength.

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    Hello! I was just wondering what the paleo stance on toothpaste is?</blockquote>

    I don&#39;t think people in the Paleolithic had stances. They just did what they did. FWIW, it&#39;s unlikely they bothered too much about the hygiene of their teeth: hunter-gatherers who were observed in the recent past didn&#39;t seem to. Some may have chewed sticks and rubbed them with those: that seems to be about it.

    The fact is their teeth didn&#39;t rot, because, it&#39;s thought, they didn&#39;t eat refined sugars, refined wheat, or even (in most cases) fruit juices.

    The accepted view nowadays is that sugar is a problem and that it encourages bacteria in the mouth. Not so long ago, people were not so dogmatic: they knew that sugar (and some other refined foods) were bad for dental health, but they also considered the idea that the nutritionally denuded nature of these foods might be just as, if not more, problematic.

    What sort of toothpaste do you use, if any?</blockquote>

    I use fluoride-free "additive-free" toothpaste from the health food shop.

    I guess if my diet had not included any refined foods ever (including pre-birth) my teeth might be more proof against decay. As it is, I don&#39;t take any chances. I suspect diet is more important than brushing - so I try to get enough minerals and enough fat-soluble vitamins - but I still brush as well.

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    Anyone tried the "teeth cleaner" that Tropical Traditions sells?

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    I&#39;ve been using Jason brand "Powersmile" and have for some time. I think the key is to have a good toothbrush. I got a Sonicare and wow that thing is amazing.

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    Vitamin C?

    The Invisible Toothbrush

    By Emmanuel Cheraskin, MD, DMD

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    I&#39;ve been using Tom&#39;s of Maine natural toothpaste for a few years. Get it at health food stores (Trader Joe&#39;s, Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods kind of places)

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