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    For the barefoot runners out there....

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    I just got some vibram five fingers (which are fantastic by the way) and decided to go for a short run of a little less than a mile. From what I have read it is highly recommended to ease into it so I am trying to hold myself back even though I want to run for much much longer . The question is though, when you are running what do your strides look like? I noticed that when I was running I just naturely started running on my toes. I went a couple of blocks before I even really noticed that my heal hadn't even hit the ground or if it did it barely touched. Is this the form that many of you take or am I doing something wrong?

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    YES! this is the form we evolved to run with. This is the most efficient way to run!

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    Your heel does need to at least barely touch the ground, at least until you have run in VFFs for a while. Otherwise, you will have calf pain and/or cramps.

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    Yep, forefoot first, and heel briefly touching when the shock has been absorbed. It's really important to keep your feet under your hips under your shoulders. And really, really relax - floppy and loose. Here's two excellent vids: (the last few minutes are a brief tutorial)


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    Yer doin' it right.

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