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    There are some suppliers of "microwave pork rinds", which are simply small squares of salted pig skin with no oils added. When microwaved, the fat in the skin heats up and they "fry from within", puffing up and crisping just like the deep-fried version.

    Fresh(ish) pork rinds are very tasty.

    EDIT: guess I should include a link -

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    SOME brands are great with only the pork rinds, salt, and sometimes other seasonings. Other brands are completely nasty... I saw one the other day with hydrogenated soybean oil in it. WHY is that necessary? Some have sugar too.

    As long as you read the ingredient list you're good to go though. Those things are yum.

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    I tried some pork rinds the other day. I wasn't a big fan of them off the bat but they might grow on me. I guess that if I had never developed a taste for potato chips they would taste pretty weird too.

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    NavyWife has the succinct and accurate posting.

    Buy the big chicharrones in the Mexican markets. They don't carried away with adulterants like American food companies. My says Pork Rinds, Salt. I can't see or taste any salt. Why bother?

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