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Thread: Nut Allergies

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    Nut Allergies

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    I have sever tree nut allergies to most nuts and mild allergies to the rest including coconut. Are there any non-nut flour alternatives available for occasional sauce thickening or paleo pancakes or crackers. I don't crave it often but my son has ADD and my daughter really loves pancakes. I could probably make them with almond flour and just not eat then, but the more I expose myself the worse my allergies will get even if it's just breathing in the dust.
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    Hmmm... Maybe pulverized dried squash? One of the sweeter/ milder ones? I don't know how it would act, but if I had to guess, it'd absorb liquid fairly well andact similar to coconut flour.
    For sauce thickening, several people here on the boards use arrowroot starch or pureed veggies/ meat. I generally just cook mine down or add a dusting of the pre-grated parmesan (the stuff you shake out of the tube).
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    Thank you! I found sweet potato flour online. That was a very good suggestion. I'm very curious if anyone has used it. I've been mainly doing reductions but wonder if you can make a rue out of a squash or seed flour. hmm...

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