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Thread: What are you favourite Primal Blueprint Cookbook recipes? page

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    What are you favourite Primal Blueprint Cookbook recipes?

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    I'm not really into lavish food, prefer simple, filling food with a bit of taste so not too bland - hence wondered if this book is suitable, or is it aimed more at the foodie types, who like elaborate dishes?

    What are your favourite dishes from this book - and have any become firm favourites that you tend to do quite a bit? And would you recommend this for us Brits? (availability of ingredients etc)

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    I love the walnut brownies, maybe a little too much. No one else in my house will eat them, so if I bake a batch, I can't let them go to waste.

    The Moroccan chicken is excellent, and my entire family liked it.

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    Thanks John - I like Moroccan food so I'll be sure to give that one a try if/when I get the book.

    Edit: Just ordered it so will hopefully be able to add my own to this thread at some point!
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    I must say that my absolute favourite recipe is the heirloom tomato gazpacho posted on MDA which for some mysterious reason is not in the cookbook!

    The blackberry marinade is awesome.

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    Yesterday I made my very first 'proper' meal with the Coconut Curry. It turned out brilliantly, even though I did perhaps overdo the coconut milk a little bit. I loved it!

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    Hands down the salted whole fish. Friggin' awsome
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    I just tried the kale with cream. It was the first time I'd tried cooking kale. I didn't cook it long enough -- or some of it. Some of it was amazing and sweet -- other parts were stringy and harsh. So be sure to cook your kale long enough! I also added two pieces of bacon to it. Quite yummy.
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    Salmon Patties with Lemon Caper Sauce. At least so far, I'm still working my way through the book.

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    +1 on the creamed kale! I love egg dishes; they are cheap, quick & easy! so I also loved the chard frittata & I made the zucchini egg bake the other night. Leftovers from both are good for lunch the next day. I also made the steak & kidney stew with bison meat & kidney. coconut milk ice cream, mmmmm. for me recipes are a "jumping off" point - I'm always modifying for personal tast &/or ingredient availability. Oh & the tamari hard-boiled eggs are yummy too!
    I think this is a great cook book with versatile recipes for all occasions!

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    I tried the primal ketchup recipe last night and I'd have to say it come out ok for a first try. Maybe for my taste anyway, next time I'll try a little less cider vinegar, a tad more honey (used a little over 2 tbsps, and a little more black pepper.

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